Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Saturday, December 29, 2012


My story, Rustlers, about cattle raids and small arms trafficking, was a finalist in Narrative Magazine's Fall Fiction Contest.  It's still available for publication, though.  If you are an editor of a magazine or an anthology, let me know.  It starts off like this:

The land was flat and dry, with shapes of rock jutting into shimmering space, then flat and dry again as far as you could see.  We left a trail of dust billowing in the rearview mirrors.  People riding bicycles loaded down with enormous sheaves of grass or charcoal wobbled as we hurtled by, then shielded and blinked their burning eyes.  I sat in the passenger seat with my arm dangling out the window rolled down. 
“It depends on the situation,” said the driver. 
“This situation!” said Olara from the back seat.  “We are talking of this very situation.”